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Forbidden History II

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  • Forbidden History – Series 2
  • Forbidden History – Series 2
  • Forbidden History – Series 2
  • Forbidden History – Series 2
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Forbidden History – Series 2, lifts the lid once more on some of history’s great mysteries by tunnelling deeper, travelling wider, looking more closely, asking harder questions and searching for evidence with more determination than ever before.

Helped by experts, authors, historians, archaeologists and enthusiasts – and with Jamie ‘Bloodhound’ Theakston once more at the helm - we’ll carry on the good work featured in series one to investigate a whole new set of fascinating stories including searching for Petra’s Lost Treasure, The Real Holy Grail, Nazi UFOs and investigating the secrets behind the Illuminati, The Oracles of the Dead and Nikola Tesla.

  • Duration: 6 x 1 hours
  • Channel: UKTV, American Hero Channel, Viasat
  • Available: 1 November, 2014
  • Sales Link: Like A Shot


This is a saga of nearly five hundred years of bigotry, fear, persecution, torture and death.
As the series sheds new light on a dark and bloody chapter of British and European history, we’ll hear tales that chill the blood; watch in horror as the flames lick around the Marian martyrs and other men of high religion and unshakable beliefs; see ordinary innocent people fall victim to religious fanatics and psychopaths.

From the persecution of religions and faiths, to the hunt for the mysterious Cathars and Knights Templar, through to the torture and execution of witches, mystics and healers, these programmes chronicle of bad deeds done in the name of faith.

  • Duration: 4 x 1 hours
  • Channel: SBS, UKTV, Viasat.
  • Available: 1 June, 2014
  • Sales Link: TCB Media

Fight Club: A History of Violence

Throughout the centuries close physical combat has been used to entertain the public; to make fortunes for gamblers; to escape the bonds of slavery; to aid diplomatic relations; to settle scores and finish vendettas; to protect and maintain personal honour.

This gritty series looks at the realities of these ruthless one-on-one contests and how they affected the mind and the body. It puts them into social and historical context by painting a vivid picture of the time in which they took place. Featuring vivid dramatised recreations, the series explores bare knuckle boxing, duelling and jousting as it traces the history of man to man – and woman to woman – fighting.

  • Duration: 4 x 47 minutes
  • Channel: Yesterday (UKTV)
  • Available: 1 September, 2012
  • Sales Link: TVF International

WWII Air Crash Detectives

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  • WWII Air Crash Detectives

In the USA alone over 15,000 Airmen lost their lives in training accidents as the WWII Allies scaled-up their Air forces. The relatives of these young men often have no idea what actually happened and typically the official reasons were put down simply to "pilot error".

In this fascinating new series, WWII Air crash Detective, Garth Barnard, re-opens the investigations of some of the most infamous International WWII Air Disasters using modern techniques and fresh eyes to find out what really happened.... and understand if it could happen again now.

  • Duration: 6 x 1 hours
  • Channel: SBS, UKTV, Viasat.
  • Available: 1 November, 2014
  • Sales Link: TCB Media