This is a saga of nearly five hundred years of bigotry, fear, persecution, torture and death.
As the series sheds new light on a dark and bloody chapter of British and European history, we’ll hear tales that chill the blood; watch in horror as the flames lick around the Marian martyrs and other men of high religion and unshakable beliefs; see ordinary innocent people fall victim to religious fanatics and psychopaths.

From the persecution of religions and faiths, to the hunt for the mysterious Cathars and Knights Templar, through to the torture and execution of witches, mystics and healers, these programmes chronicle of bad deeds done in the name of faith.

  • Duration: 4 x 1 hours
  • Channel: SBS, UKTV, Viasat.
  • Available: 1 June, 2014
  • Sales Link: TCB Media

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