Medieval Dead I

Series one of Medieval Dead introduced viewers to Tim Sutherland, Malin Holst and Simon Richardson – the specially-assembled team of experts that traveled to battlegrounds and battlefields, towns and villages, churches and burial grounds to search for clues hidden in the bones of the dead from medieval times.

As well as uncovering some great UK stories, we’ll travel once more – this time we’re investigating in Finland, UK, France and Portugal. The team have some fascinating tales to tell as they paint a vivid picture of the times and challenge some accepted theories about the way things were including:

The Warrior of Jannakkala giving up his secrets while posing some questions such as why was he buried with swords from the Saxon and Viking era?; The extraordinary well preserved face of the Knight of Saint Bees; The Massacre at Montesgur; The Lewis Skeleton, The Portuguese battle at Aljuborrata, and the Agincourt Band of Brothers.

  • Duration: 6 x 1 hours
  • Channel: UKTV, Viasat.
  • Available: 1 February, 2014
  • Sales Link: Like A Shot

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