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Instruments of Death

Presenter Karl Ude-Martinez travels in Britain and Europe to find out more about the weapons that have helped shape the history of combat throughout the centuries. With spectacular weapons demonstrations as its cornerstone, the series also tells the stories of the battles in which they were used to such grim effect.

American Invasion

Presented by Michael Brandon, ‘THE AMERICAN INVASION’ provides a powerful record of a momentous period in American and British history. The memories and experiences of surviving US airmen from the mighty 8th Air force and the recollections of the local population form the backdrop to a programme that weaves fascinating personal tales around the story of one of the most costly military campaigns of World War Two.

Return to the Falklands

Call to arms: Battle for goose green

Return to the Falklands takes two distinguished British servicemen back to the Islands and battlefields where they fought during the Falklands War more than thirty years ago. What will their reactions be as they retrace their steps on the battlegrounds again?
Our cameras follow the two veterans on an emotional journey around the Islands. We hear their personal stories and about the war they fought. And we ask perhaps the most important question of all….was it all worth it?

  • Duration: 90 mins
  • Channel: Yesterday TV
  • Available: 1 April, 2012
  • Sales Link: Off The Fence

By Royal Appointment

Narrated by Downton Abbey star Hugh Bonneville, this one-hour special shines a light on the talented craftsmen and women who all hold warrants as official suppliers to the Royal Family. From tailors to cheese makers, medal crafters to wine suppliers, and cobblers to carriage makers, their skills and craftsmanship have placed them in a very exclusive group. They alone have the right to proudly display a Royal Coat of Arms and say that their businesses are ‘By Royal Appointment’.

  • Duration: 1hr
  • Channel: ITV3
  • Available: 1 February, 2012
  • Sales Link: Indigo

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