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Royal Murder Mysteries

What is the truth about the death of the controversial Duke of Kent in a plane crash during World War Two? Was George V murdered by his doctor? What actually became of the daughter of the last Tsar of Russia and how did Prince Albert Victor become mixed up in the Jack the Ripper killings? Do we have evidence that names the killer of the serial adulterer the Earl of Errol in Kenya’s notorious Happy Valley? And why is the death of Ludwig of Bavaria in the 1850s still shrouded in mystery to this very day.

This hard-hitting upcoming series investigates all of these extraordinary stories, sifting through the evidence and the facts as it seeks to reach final conclusions.

  • Duration: 6 x 60 mins
  • Channel: VIASAT and YESTERDAY
  • Available: July, 2017
  • Sales:TCB Media

Private Lives of the Monarchs

Their iconic images, captured in famous portraits and paintings, are part of the very fabric of national culture. In carefully-arranged poses, the Kings and Queens of history still look down upon us today - powerful symbols of bygone ages.
Which is all well and good, but actually, they were just human beings, with the same ticks and foibles, bad habits and weaknesses, as the rest of us. So we’ve once again asked Tracy Borman to investigate – this time she looks long and hard at the very colourful private lives of Charles II, Queen Victoria, Louis IV, George III and the Prince Regent and Henry VIII.

  • Duration: 5 x 60 mins
  • Channel: VIASAT and YESTERDAY
  • Available: September, 2017
  • Sales: TCB Media Rights

History’s Greatest Hoaxes

The world loves a good hoax and for years certain men and women – sometimes entire organisations – have gone out of their way to trick people into believing things aren’t quite the way they seem. Some were very successful, making their perpetrators infamous, not to mention lots of money. Sometimes, things got a little out of control – what began as harmless fun finished by having pretty serious ramifications for history as a whole and for those involved.

In these programmes, we investigate, the fake ‘Hitler Diaries’, the scam of Piltdown Man, the infamous ‘War of the Worlds’ broadcast, the ‘Alien Autopsy’ film, the ‘Papillon’ controversy and the on-going circus surrounding the Loch Ness Monster.

  • Duration: 6 x 60 mins
  • Channel: VIASAT and YESTERDAY
  • Available: 1 March, 2017
  • Sales Link: TCB Media

Abandoned Engineering Series I

This series takes the viewer on a whirlwind trip around the world to explore some of its most mysterious abandoned structures. Once they were among the most advanced engineering projects ever undertaken, but now they lie ruined and disused. Why? What are the stories behind their rise and fall? How were they built and by whom? These shows combine popular science with the extraordinary stories surrounding a fascinating array of abandoned bridges, ships, roads, power stations and towns.

  • Duration: 6 x One hour
  • Channel: Channels: Yesterday, Discovery Science US, Discovery Nordic, Discovery CEE, N24 Germany, Channel 7 Australia
  • Available: March 2017
  • Sales Link: TCB Media