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Private Lives of the Tudors

In the company of Tracy Borman, the UKs leading authority on the Tudor period, we explore the private lives, loves and scandals of the Tudors, the most celebrated royal dynasty in history.

This brand new series explores some of the most secretive and dangerous global underworld societies and their counter-culture dogmas.  It’s a murky, mysterious mixture of sectarian cults, fanatical religious groups, esoteric societies and political militants - all of them seeking to shape and influence the world we know today…

The Somme – The First 24 Hours with Tony Robinson

The Somme – The First 24 Hours with Tony Robinson tells the powerful and moving story of five men of one battalion as they enlist, train for and take part in the worst disaster in the history of the British army. With a secret diary kept by Private Frank Meakin – the first time it has been seen on television anywhere – and the haunting battlefields of northern France as a backdrop, Sir Tony Robinson recounts the tale of the Sheffield City ‘pals’ as only he can.

  • Duration: 1 x One hour
  • Channel: Discovery, SBS
  • Available: June 2016
  • Sales Link: TCB