EIS Funding

hammermith-birdgeLike A Shot Entertainment was created in 2011 specifically to address the growing funding gap in domestic TV commissioning. As the market leans towards a co-production, or fully producer funded model, the financial pressure on talented smaller independent Producers and Directors is increasing with no sign of abating.

With EIS limits being raised and new Seed EIS scheme detail becoming clearer, there is growing demand to invest in both creative and low-risk UK businesses. Like A Shot was set up to fund the development of programme concepts and formats that would have a secure and significant long-tail revenue stream after the initial broadcasting window. The genre we focus on is Factual and Factual Entertainment TV progarmmes which provides investors with a balance of reducing risk on upfront capital and maximizing the upside return – all within a UK creative industry.

Like A Shot will own, manage, cash flow, invest alongside and produce those programmes with our creative partners – and secure the best international and secondary rights distribution partners.